“ Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.”
Author Unknown

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Buell Motorcycles – the end

In a move that astounded the motorcycle industry,  announced Harley Davidson the discontinuation of Buell. This move closes a 26 year era of the Buell brand established by the once Harley engineer Erik Buell.

For just about anyone, this is a weird decision. Buell motorcycles brought a different and fresh approach. Innovations like disk on rim, fuel in frame, oil in swing arm, and unique design. What could Harley, the exclusive owner since 1998, want more for a PR?
My guess is that Harley is too paranoid about the future. As it looks, the company is safe for now, and this move is only a safety net in any case of drastic sales incline. The Harley brand is worth more than the two, Buell and MV Augusta (also bought by HD) and is twice as profitable, according to the company.


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