“ About five years ago. I was going down this very road. Same time of day, going about the same speed Im going now...there was a rock in the road. Couldnיt have been more than a pebble. Never really saw it! Lost control of the bike, went flyinי about a hundred feet - came down right on my head. Cracked it wide open! Blood and stuff was just splattered all over the road, there...I broke every bone in my face. Hey, you know, when they found me, my eyes were hanging out of their sockets? Yeah, they pronounced me dead at the scene. I was in a coma for...well, they told me about a year...said Id be a vegetable for life. Yeah, but I showed יem. Ever since then I always wear a helmet!”
Seinfeld, The Keys
Episode no. 40

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Do safety courses reduce crashes?

A motorcycle safety study released in 2010 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that the safety courses taken by young riders, did not reduce their likelihood of crashing.

Although on the paper, the incline in crashes doesn’t make any sense, if you ask me, the obvious reasons could be:

  1. these safety courses are likely to give you a false sense of confidence, that you master the bike, and get you to ride over your limits or just irresponsibly or just gets you in a situation, you didn’t think of and certainly don’t know how to handle.
  2. a safety course CAN NEVER be a substitute for years of riding experience
  3. after the course you just ride faster
  4. all of the above

I am not sure what they teach in safety courses cause I never took one. I do think it is good, but only if you keep in mind that a few days of training is only the basics (maybe even less). I also think that it’s the instructor’s responsibility to let each student know, that what they learn is BASIC, and can not replace experience.

Another fact that to me at least is not surprising, is that the same study found that ABS (antilock brakes) on motorcycles reduces 37%  of fatal crashes as opposed to non-ABS vehicles.

Confidence can sometimes be a rider's worst enemy.


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