MotoCzysz E1pc- World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

MotoCzysz who?! lets start with a few words about the company- Czysz (pronounced “sizz”) derives from the founder’s surname – Czysz.  MotoCzysz is a motorcycle company based in USA.

The company designed two motorcycle models, one is the C1 – a 4 stroke advanced sport bike with innovations like counter rotating crankshafts (Thus, no noticeable gyroscopic force from the engine), unconventional front fork, and some more unique features. The C1 has won the Robb Report “Achievement in Design” Award.

The other model is the electric E1pc who has  made an international splash this week, after winning a prestigious race for clean-emission vehicles on the Isle of Man – The TT Zero, an environmental friendly version of the famous TT race.

The E1pc specs are said to be setting a very high bar with a torque engine higher than that of a Ducati 1198 and a battery stronger than that of a TOYOTA PRIUS. A 500volt motor along with 10 lithium polymer batteries (that alone weigh about 90 kg!), is capable of shooting the E1pc to speeds exceeding 140 MPH (225 kph) and that with “plenty in reserve” according to Czysz.

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