bmw handicap Tricycle

Conquest 1200- First production motorcycle that can be driven on a wheelchair

The Conquest 1200 has been designed for people with disabilities from the waist down and is probably the world’s first high performance production motorcycle (or tricycle more correctly) that can be driven from a wheelchair. Drivers simply roll their wheelchair onto the vehicle via an automated access ramp, secure their chair in the locking mechanism and that’s it.

All controls are operated by hand. The six-speed box is semi-automatic and is thumb-operated and includes reverse gear too.

The brakes are linked, meaning, applying the right hand brake lever, will brake all 3 wheels.

The Conquest utilizes the front-end of a standard BMW R 1200 R motorcycle, which is attached to an aluminum frame with two rear alloy wheels. The remote handlebars are operated as usual but are linked to the real steering head by a set of rods and journals.

Performance from the 1170 cc twin is not bad too, and even with a 540 kg weight, the 109 bhp engine is capable of 0-100 kph in 7.6 seconds, faster than most cars. Top speed is about 168 kph.


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