Beware of fragrance hangers

Is it so hard to produce a fragrance tree that won't make a hole in your dashboard?

Some (I assume all) fragrance trees or hangers have a strong dissolvent that attacks plastic. Usually these are made to hang. But the product description doesn’t really warn you of contact with plastic but rather suggests you “hang clear of any surface” and “Avoid any contact with the face”. Useless to say, these are written in tiny letters, almost unreadable. Ive put one freshener, without the plastic wrap, in one of my Toyota compartments, and the tree literally melted into plastic.

Anyway, what’s this to do with motorcycles? Well, I’ve heard of a few riders that wanted to freshen up their helmets, they have inserted these without the plastic wrapper and on to the helmet’s inner padding, resulting in a melted padding. Useless to say that with so strong chemicals, you are advised not to put these trees anywhere near a helmet, even WITH the plastic wrapper.

The same goes to some other car fresheners and car deodorizers that come in a gel form or a sponge in a can, etc. The active ingredient is quite violent, so beware.

Here are some more horror stories involving those scented hangers:

  • “I bought one of those damn air fresheners (shaped like a little blue pine tree) from a car wash a couple days ago, and since it’s illegal to hang them from your mirror, I hung it around the plug for my cell phone’s charger cable, which as you know sits above the cup holder lid. I came out there a couple days later(after driving the car daily and not noticing anything) to see that the air freshener appears to have rubbed off the silver paint for the lid, and even left blue marks on the paint. “
  • “Ok, so I put a nice car air freshener around the shift knob, and it took the paint off the console where the freshener hit.”
  • “My house cleaning lady cleaned my car last November before I put it into storage for the winter. She gave it the feminine touch my hanging one of those cheap pine tree air fresheners off the emergency brake handle. Here is what the plastic silver trim on the console looks like after the solvents in the air freshener has eaten through the plastic.”


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