“ Unfamiliar with the BMW, I pressed on and continued to feel the shame and frustration of acceleratus interruptus at every corner exit.”
Mark Cernicky
CW June 2010 Masterbike shootout

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The 3 most influential two-wheelers in history, are:
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Beware of fragrance hangers

Is it so hard to produce a fragrance tree that won't make a hole in your dashboard?

Some (I assume all) fragrance trees or hangers have a strong dissolvent that attacks plastic. Usually these are made to hang. But the product description doesn’t really warn you of contact with plastic but rather suggests […]


Reborn (again) – Norton Commando 961SE

A little confession before I start. This Norton is the coolest most beautiful motorcycle I’ve ever seen. To me, this is how a sport motorcycle should look like: naked, round edged, with a big twin engine, single round headlight, 2 side exhausts, one on each side, and preferably black with golden stripes and logo.



The most influential two-wheelers in history

Honda CB 750

The other day I was wondering to myself, which motorcycle was most influential regarding design, technology, innovation and even concept. Here is the list that I came up with. Of course there are lots and lots of more bikes, but I narrowed it down to the most that influenced mainstream […]


Shoei RF1000 (Flutter TC-2) helmet review

My trusty Arai Quantum (Mick Doohan replica) had known better days, so I decided to buy myself a new helmet. The choice was either the HJC AC-12 Carbon Vader Helmet or the Shoei RF1000 (Flutter TC-2).