“ Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.”
Hunter Thompson

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The 3 most influential two-wheelers in history, are:
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Reborn (again) – Norton Commando 961SE

A little confession before I start. This Norton is the coolest most beautiful motorcycle I’ve ever seen. To me, this is how a sport motorcycle should look like: naked, round edged, with a big twin engine, single round headlight, 2 side exhausts, one on each side, and preferably black with golden stripes and logo.

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Marzocchi inovative front forks

It was over 50 years ago, in 1949 to be exact when Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi founded Marzocchi Spa (Società Per Azioni – in Italian: shared company), which today produces leading high quality Mountain bike and Motor bike suspension products.

The successful company had declined since the late 1980’s, until two years ago, when it was bought by a U.S. company Tenneco, owner of automotive suspension giant Monroe. Marzocchi suddenly had access to new technology, materials and resources to fund it’s R&D department.

The company is working for two years now on innovative front forks made of aluminum. Until today , front forks were made out of aluminum for the outer tubes and steel for the inner ones. Steel is very heavy compared to aluminum, and adds unsprung weight. Goal was to build a light front fork for motocross and off road motorcycles. The male sliders in the fork are made of aluminum too, aircraft-grade, heat-treated and hard-anodized. For ex, the USD53 model fork assembly weighs only 17 pounds (7.7 kg).

Marzocchi USA Website

Conquest 1200- First production motorcycle that can be driven on a wheelchair

The Conquest 1200 has been designed for people with disabilities from the waist down and is probably the world’s first high performance production motorcycle (or tricycle more correctly) that can be driven from a wheelchair. Click here to read more

MotoCzysz E1pc- World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

MotoCzysz who?! lets start with a few words about the company- Czysz (pronounced “sizz”) derives from the founder’s surname – Czysz.  MotoCzysz is a motorcycle company based in USA.

The company designed two motorcycle models, one is the C1 Click here to read more

Vespa scooter in the Paris-Dakar rally

Vespa scooter photos from the Paris-Dakar rally of 1980
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