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The 3 most influential two-wheelers in history, are:
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The most influential two-wheelers in history

Honda CB 750

The other day I was wondering to myself, which motorcycle was most influential regarding design, technology, innovation and even concept.
Here is the list that I came up with. Of course there are lots and lots of more bikes, but I narrowed it down to the most that influenced mainstream – street and sport motorcycles.
As you can see I had to put in the Vespa scooter cause I really think it’s an immortal exemplar. You are welcome to vote (see the poll on the left side) or add your own candidates or remarks in the comments below.
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Carl Fogarty on The Weakest Link show

Mr Carl Fogarty, which is known for his fearless and extravagant riding skills, and his remarkable SBK wins with the factory Ducati team, has been spotted playing The Weakest Link, the popular TV show. Click here to read more

Do safety courses reduce crashes?

A motorcycle safety study released in 2010 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that the safety courses taken by young riders, did not reduce their likelihood of crashing.
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Camshaft position when adjusting valves on a scooter

Adjusting valves is a simple thing to do if you know what you’re doing. You should always adjust the valves when the piston is at the end of the compression cycle at TDC. In this position:

  • the valves are closed
  • cam lobes are pointing downwards

The later is valid for scooters with single overhead camshaft as shown in the photo below. Where the valve rockers, seat on top of the cam.

How can you make sure the piston is at the compression cycle and not exhaust?

  • BOTH intake and exhaust valves are closed
  • another way, although less suggested, is to block the plug hole with your finger and turn the engine manually forward by turning the variator or the magneto (always in a direction of the front wheel). The moment you feel compression, continue turning carefully until camshaft line is parallel to the head, just like in the picture.

In most scooters, there's a LINE carved on the outer side of the camshaft (see the two smaller holes). This line should be parallel to the head surface, just like in this example. Click picture to enlarge.

If you want to do it by the book, you can. However you will have to open the cap on the ignition cover. Turn the engine forward slowly until you see a “T” mark on the flywheel appear. Align it to the mark on the case (usually a groove)  and make sure the bigger circle on the timing chain sprocket, is visible (see photo, and circle above the two smaller ones).

Motorcycle frames (or chassis)

Monocoque : Very popular with the good old Vespa scooters, the Honda super-cub 50/100 and more. This frame is made out of pressed metal sheets, steel or aluminum. One modern bike which utilizes this frame is the Kawasaki 1400 GTR.


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