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The 3 most influential two-wheelers in history, are:
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Buell Motorcycles – the end

In a move that astounded the motorcycle industry,  announced Harley Davidson the discontinuation of Buell. This move closes a 26 year era of the Buell brand established by the once Harley engineer Erik Buell.
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Cat in a helmet

2 Stroke engine explained

Shoei RF1000 (Flutter TC-2) helmet review

My trusty Arai Quantum (Mick Doohan replica) had known better days, so I decided to buy myself a new helmet. The choice was either the HJC AC-12 Carbon Vader Helmet or the Shoei RF1000 (Flutter TC-2). Click here to read more

Repairing an orange peel paint defect

Yet another article I wrote some time ago. Here it is again.

Following “Motorcycle Painting with an airbrush” , on this article I will explain how to repair a paint defect known as an “orange peel” paint defect.

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